About Us

World of Wellness (WOW) is a reliable nutrition-based resource designed by ​health and nutrition specialists for people who want to get well and stay well.

WOW ​'s goal is​ to help you understand the relationship between the food you eat, the environment you live in, the treatments you have, the things you do, think and believe in ... and the effect it has on your health and well-being.

WOW's evidence-based information ​is constantly refreshed and updated so that doctors and practitioners can confidently use or refer patients to WOW​ to answer questions about ​healthy diet and lifestyle.​

​Knowledge is power. Our goal is to empower people with knowledge to make better healthier choices about diet and lifestyle so they can prevent and manage chronic ill health.

Corporate Clients ​that honor their employees with knowledge about wellness by adding WOW to their suite of workplace wellness services will realize a healthier,​ fitter ​,​ ​happier, ​more confident workforce​, because in the words of Dr Dan Roehm, MD FACP oncologist and former cardiologist: 'CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE. The treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate ...' if you know ​ how.

WOW is The HOW.

Don't miss out. Make sure you, your family, friends and associates all benefit from this groundbreaking information that will make you well.