WOW Fast and Get Well

USD $49.95

Body cells are in a constant state of being decomposed, re-synthesized and re-cycled. During fasting this process speeds up.
WOW Fast and Get Well enables the body to redirect energy from digestion to healing​.
As a result you will feel more alert and energized.



No matter how skilled and ​knowledgeable a doctor is, neither surgery nor medical procedures can restore your body tissue to its original state of perfection.
You are the only one who can direct your body toward a state of healing. Fasting starves tumors, prevents abnormal cell proliferation, speeds up detoxification and helps restore metabolic balance.​

If you are inclined to do a fast, this gentle treatment is WOW’s fast of choice.​

​NOTE: The WOW Fast and Get Well program may not be done during a course of radiation or chemotherapy​. People
who have undergone surgery, radiation or chemotherapy must wait 2 to 5 months before commencing​​. Does not work for people who smoke or people who are exposed to second hand smoke